Government Buildings

Keeping pests out of public property

As an expert in pest control, WSS (Pest Control) understands the needs of those working in the public sector, regulated environments and not-for-profit organizations.

While this describes a wide array of different environments, our approach is to provide a customized service to meet your specific needs.

With public buildings to run, public housing to maintain and government offices to manage, government organizations operate some of the country's largest property portfolios. They also have statutory obligations to find value in all the services they buy.

WSS (Pest Control) can help federal, state and local authorities to meet these aims by providing best value for the protection of residents and public assets from pest problems.

In addition to pest control WSS's Bird Control Specialists can protect many larger federal and state buildings, including International and Locals Airports from pest birds such as starlings and pigeons.

Whichever services we provide, the key differentiator is that we deliver effective, environmentally-sensitive and value-based pest control that contributes to the quality of life of residents.

We can help government agencies and facilities deliver cost-effective protection from pest problems.

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