WHY PMI Pest Management

PMI Pest Management Services India Pvt.Ltd.is organized pest management. It was born with a desire to provide a safe and healthy environment to its customers. We offer complete pest management solutions in commercial as well as residential premises with a superior localized service offered to meet individual client needs.

Company guidelines for operation are strictly enforced to ensure that all government regulations and licensing controls are adhered to. In addition, service technicians are fully trained to unique pest control standards, each of which exceeds all industry guidelines. Our quality and reliability make us committed to deliver the same value to our customers not only to retain our brand image, but also add leverage to it by delivering more value added services to our customers.

Why we are different... PMI have Best CRM
PMI has advanced CRM System to maintain customer records or the service experience through our trained professionals.
PMI Technicians are skilled and certified
To ensure quality and skilled service to our customer, a certified technician is assigned with a prominent certified supervisor to each PMI client. These technicians and Supervisors are highly trained and equipped in the latest pest elimination techniques.
PMI believes in pest prevention through partnering customers We educate our clients and their staff on the importance of maintaining a clean environment. We inspect the customer’s premises to give effective exclusion techniques that prevent pest entry.

PMI Pest Management Service PMI offer services for protection against cockroaches, termites, rodents, bed bugs, wood borers, flies, mosquitoes etc. and General Pest Management Services for corporates. The program we are recommending for your facility is designed in such a way, that its ongoing service, inspections and reporting, maintains best possible pest control conditions within the facility, and a good communication relationship between PMI and yourself.

Inspection & Monitoring:

First inspect and monitor the site, if found a pest problem then, first deny food, shelter and water that pest need to survive.

Zone Classification:

Segregate the site into 4 different zones as per the chemical usage & pesticide restriction.

Eco-friendly product:

Uses products developed with the latest technology for long-term results like Granules, Glue pads, Liquid concentrates. Sometimes use the biological pest control method.

Restricted use of pesticide:

If PMI need to use a pesticide, it will use products in a manner that minimizes any risk to people, pets or the environment.

Disposal Policy : Proper disposal of pesticide and pest

Quality Assurance: Awareness, Commitment & Improvement We validate our service with our quality assurance program, which guarantees your pest management service meets RNV Management high quality standards.

Quality Audits: Control & manage client site with a web based quality control and management system. That features data collection and reporting from the field using smart phone mobile application, includes the ability to add pictures and text, the ability to answer user defined audit forms, a web based portal for viewing and managing reports, information analysis tools, task management in remote sites.

Certification Compliances: Assist and guide team to comply with GMP, HACCP or other related audits based pest control system standard required by third party auditors at your facility

About our Chemicals & Methodology

Chemicals which we are using are approved by Central Insecticidal board. All Chemicals Are eco- friendly & House hold pesticides

We are not using any Agricultural Pesticides. Agricultural Pesticides have some adverse effect on human being & products also.

We are using most reputed company chemicals Like Bayer Environmental science, Phytocare& some chemicals are In house product.

Methods we are using is well equipped, well managed & Approved by our National Quality Team.

Our service procedures include the following;

Inspection of the facilities to determine the level of pest infestation. Recommendations on Structural and Sanitation issues.

Recommendations on a suitable IPM program for the facilities (Frequency of service). Our specialties include Office Buildings, Residential Buildings, Private Houses, Hotels, Restaurants and Bars, Grocery Stores, Schools, Hospitals, Airport facilities, Warehouses, etc., ridding them of cockroaches, rodents, ants, termites, bees, snakes, scorpions, flies and other pests as needed.